Navajo Churro Lamb Butchering

On the last warm day in December our neighbor showed us how to butcher our lamb.  He is a retired butcher and offered to teach us.  It was a great experience!  We had some friends over to learn with us.

My husband put the lamb in one of our empty chicken coops early in the morning to have him ready for the afternoon butchering.  Here he is moments before his end.

Everyone gathered around to watch as our neighbor shot the lamb.

He quickly cut his throat so the blood would drain.

Then the lamb was carried to the playground set and placed on a table to be skinned.

This butchering saw from Cabela’s came in great use.

The lamb was then hung on a deer gambrel from Cabela’s.  We read it’s important to get a closed top loop gambrel to keep it from accidentally sliding to one side.  Here’s our neighbor sawing off the head.

My daughter held her nose even though nothing smelled. :)

All the organs coming out…

My husband blew up the lungs for fun by blowing in the trachea.

They sprayed down the lamb.  You can see the closed top loop gambrel.

Then our neighbor and my husband cut the lamb up and we put the pieces in ziplock freezer bags, labeled with what’s inside.  The knife we used is a Rada Carver/Boner knife.  It was perfect (and inexpensive too).

My husband taught the kids about the heart.

My daughter Sarah helped us bag the meat.

Who’s ready for a little volleyball after all of that?…

We put all of the meat in the deep freezer for it to get cold fast and then took out what we wanted to grind into hamburger later that evening.  We bought the meat grinder attachment for our Bosch Universal Plus mixer.  It worked great.

For dinner that night we had a sampling of lamb steaks with our friends.  Delicious!  The meat is so tender and has a great flavor.  We like it so much better than our mutton meat.  We have since enjoyed lamb burgers.  They are so, so good.

Our first lamb of the season has been born and it’s a boy,  so we look forward to butchering again in the fall!

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