The Day We Bought Our School Bus


My husband had the idea of buying a school bus to convert into an RV about a year ago.  Before that he had the idea of an Airstream, but decided that’s not big enough.  Buying a school bus was something that we’d talk about every now and then, but we focused our attention on other projects in the meantime.  After going camping recently we thought that it sure would be nice to camp in a bus and we began to talk about it more.  Every once and a while we’d look on Craigslist for school buses and one day we found one that seemed like a good deal.  My husband brought up some questions that we needed to find answers to like what is the best kind of engine and transmission.  He shared with me what he had found out so far and I spent a couple of hours one morning searching for answers on the internet.  I learned quite a bit and we discussed together what I had found.  We both felt better knowing what we wanted in a bus and what to look for.  We had been emailing back and forth with the Craigslist bus guy for a few days, so after having researched about buses, his bus seemed like it might be a good deal.  I suggested that we go look at it early one morning since we had to go to town to go grocery shopping anyway.  I also looked up school buses on an online auction site.  Surprisingly I found several school buses not too far away from the Craigslist bus that had auctions that ended THAT DAY.  We ended up getting an email back that the Craigslist bus sold the night before, but decided to go look at the auction school buses.  We hurried up to get everyone ready to leave and then got lost on the way.  We drove into the school district bus site about an HOUR before the auction was set to end!  We looked at three different buses, all of which were up for bid.  We sure had fun looking at them!





We decided on our max price, picked the bus we wanted to bid on, and my husband entered in our bid on our little iPhone a couple minutes before the auction ended.  There were several other bidders so we weren’t sure if we’d win, but we did!  We got it for $2,701.  We all were kind of in shock… “We just bought a school bus!”


We had to drive to another nearby city to pay for it and ate at Chipotle on the way.  Then we drove back to pick up our bus and headed home.  The kids and I followed my husband driving the bus.  I loved the view of it heading into the sunset and over the water.


We all stopped at Costco to grocery shop and then most of the kids rode on the bus the rest of the way home.  Now we have a big project ahead of us, but first need to take care of some other things on the farm.  It’s nice to know that we now have our school bus and we can plan and dream…

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