We Bought ANOTHER School Bus!

We’ve been needing a workshop and a place to store tools in while working on converting our bus into an RV.  We explored different options like a storage container, but ended up deciding that another school bus would be the cheapest option and suit our needs best.  Just remove the seats and we’d have our workshop!

So we were on the lookout for a good deal on a bus and even bid on one on an online auction until the price got too high.  Finally one day we saw some buses up for bid that looked promising.  I did the online bidding on the day of the auction because my husband was at work.  There were several buses all closing around the same time and my goal was just to get one.  I ended up bidding on TWO buses because I wanted to make sure I won one, but gratefully it worked out and I won just one school bus.  I had fun!

My husband and boys took out all the seats and now it’s ready for a workshop…

and ready for push-ups too! :)

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